Event Rules

Below are the rules all competitors must follow.  Violations of these rules will result in auto disqualification.


  • Competitors must be current IWU students

  • Pitch must be an original idea

    • Can be at any stage of development (concept, in-the-works, functioning)​

  • Franchises, Multi-level marketing, or other non-original concepts are not permitted

  • Each presenter has a maximum of 60 seconds to give their pitch

  • No setup time allowed

  • Notes (paper and electronic) are not permitted

  • Only one presenter is allowed to pitch an idea

  • During Q&A, competitors only have 30 seconds to give an answer when asked

  • Pitches containing foul or obscene language, adult themes, illegal or unethical content, or other content deemed objectionable by the judges will be disqualified.


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